Grantham Visual Arts Awards 20/21

6D Law Kwan To Joshua was awarded the Grantham Visual Arts Award 20/21.

Hosted by the Hong Kong Society for Education in Art, the Award commemorates the most distinguished student artists.

Joshua Law’s submission features a collection of embroidery, titled “Floral Symmetry”. They are four works based on four of nature’s most picturesque spectacles, depicting the lotus, violet, orange jasmine and the moon respectively. He is the sole awardee to submit an embroidered creation, even garnering attention from the Sing Tao Daily post.

The artwork also employs advanced techniques such as using multiple different-coloured threads to create gradients, combining different gradients to create spacial depth in the work. Eager to experiment and pioneer, Joshua Law embodied the motto of “Forward, nor flinch nor fear” through testing different shades of colour and layering in an unfamiliar medium.

Congratulations to Joshua Law!