ECA Room

The idea of ECA room is similar to the co‐working space and the group discussion area of universities. The shared space could gather a group of students and provide a place to collaborate and innovate.

Extra‐curricular activities (ECA) provide opportunities for students’ development. At our school, more than 40 clubs or societies offer a wide selection of interesting activities and programs for students to get involved in. Students can enjoy arts and music to enlighten their mind, enroll in sports club to achieve physical wellness, or become members or even leaders of any clubs or societies.   
SJC has a strong ECA background. We enable students to discover and develop their potential through first‐hand experience of programme planning and leadership.


The ECA room provides a place for building up a community. The objectives are as follows:

  • To build and maintain a strong team culture;
  • To organize events including meetings, workshop, sharing, etc;
  • To share information;
  • To provide facilities such as multifunctional printers and lockable filing cabinets;
  • To collect, communicate and collaborate.