About Us

ECA Department

ECA Master Mr. Tam CY
ECA Vice-Chairman Mr. Kwok TM
ECA Secretary Ms. Yeung Rani
Financial Secretary Mr. Ng Anthony
TIC of Online Booking Mr. Tam KK
TIC of ECA Report Card Ms. To CY
Prize & Achievements Mr. Tsang Heskey
Public Relations Mr. Yim Jeffrey
English Development Ms. Chan Bethany
Community Service Mr. Kam Ryan
English Proofreading Ms. Ting Loretta (For SU only)
Ms. Karina Calver (For Clubs & Societies)
Club Directors 5C Alpha Yau

ECA Team

We are a team of Form 5 students who aims to achieve the following objectives through the ECA Team.

  • Helping Teachers within the ECA Team to act as a bridge between them and the societies and clubs of our school. Teachers may often not have enough time to contact clubs frequently, considering the vast amount of clubs and societies we have. Hence the ECA team act as another channel of communication between teachers and students. We would listen to opinions and concerns raised by the clubs and societies and formulate reports and suggestions to teachers.
  • Helping teachers organizing activities
  • Manage the ECA Room- The ECA Room is a room specifically designated for executive members of club societies to facilitate communication and provide a much needed meeting place for them. The ECA team would be in charge of managing the club lockers, maintaining the various facilities and services provided in the room (Such as printing) and help societies book time slots for meetings.
Chairman 5F Fahim Hossain
Vice-chairman 5F Toby Lam
Vice-chairman 5C Angus Hong
Public Relations 5C Leung Sze Lok
Community Service Coordinator 5C Lucas Cheng
Community Service Coordinator 5C Pang Kai Fun
Website Consultant 5F Oscar Mui

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