ECA Week


  1. Please specify the date and time of your preference. (Eg. 1st choice: 5 Nov Slot 1)
  2. The ECAC will sort the time slots on first come, first serve basis.
  3. If 1st is already occupied, we will proceed to use 2nd choice and so on so forth. If all 3 choices have been occupied, the ECAC will contact you.
  4. When filling in the time slots, please choose the most appropriate time slot.
    (E.g. If your activity lasts for only 30 min, please choose Slot 1/Slot 2)
  5. Please keep in mind that the ECA Committee might change your time slot. The ECA committee will contact your club’s chairman if such an arrangement is made.
  6. A maximum of 2 societies will be sharing the same time slot.
  7. For offline events (e.g. visits or sports events), you will need to consult the principal first.
    You will not need to fill in Q3.
  8. For non-real time activities (e.g. online quizzes), you will not need to fill in Q3.
  9. If any time slot will do, please fill in “ANY” in 1st choice.
  10. You don’t need to use up all the time given, but avoid over-running.
  11. If you absolutely need to do your online activity while in school, please ask your TIC to book a room in advance. A teacher MUST be present when you are using the room.
  12. For offline events,
    i)  The maximum number of participants should be 20 (Classroom), and 50 (Hall).
    ii) Hand sanitizers and extra masks MUST be provided upon request.
    iii) The venue MUST have good ventilation.
    iv) A 1-meter social distancing MUST be present between students. Excos included.
  13. All rights reserved for St. Joseph’s College ECA Department and ECA Committee.

#    Time not limited. However, the activity MUST end before 21:00.