Service event at Eco-Greenergy (綠行俠)

On 23 Dec 2021, community service student-coordinator Gabriel Chu and Mr Kam led a team of Josephians to participate in the captioned event.

Eco-Greenergy is an environmental social enterprise founded in 2014. From daily operation to product selection and design, being eco- and user-friendly is their core value. Offering employment/ practicum opportunities to underprivileged talents is also part of their mission.

In this service event, students were involved in upcycling otherwise useless coffee grounds and snacks’ packaging. Many of them were inspired by the versatile use of coffee grounds and were reminded of the importance of going green in their own daily life.

Due to the studio size, this event could only accommodate 4 students. Our school will definitely keep in touch with Eco-Greenery for some other future service events.