ECA Week

The ECA Week was a week in which all clubs organised an activity for our schoolmates to enjoy. While the current precautionary measures against COVID-19 made it difficult, 28 clubs gave it their all to enrich the Josephian experience, one activity at a time. The Club Chairmen and Executive Committees pulled through and gave Josephians the best they could. It was an exciting time to be a Josephian. Clubs were putting up posters or making announcements for their events, and the excitement of the events to come was in the air.

Spanning two weeks, the activities were spread out and allowed students to pick and choose which ones they would attend. Around half were conducted in an online manner, while the rest were conducted face-to-face, paying attention to vaccination and social distancing regulations. 

The in-person activities were undoubtedly a treat for Josephians. A favourite amongst junior form students was the Football Games, a test of football skills held during lunch.

Not to fall behind, the online activities also made their mark on ECA Week. Among the online activities were a workshop on International Chess, Apex Legends competitions, quizzes on Astronomy and Math, and programming demonstrations. While online activities have their limitations, it is clear that some clubs were able to persevere with creativity and a commitment to their members.

Undoubtedly, the ECA Week was vital in ensuring that despite these trying times, Josephians can still experience the joy of ECAs. There is no doubt that our school clubs will continue working hard to enrich the ECAs of our Josephians.