‘Build a Railway-Connected Community’ Volunteer Service

Following the improving pandemic situation, seven senior-form students and two teachers, Ms. W. L. Ip and Mr. R. Kam, managed to take part in a community service event at Central Market yesterday (31 Oct 2021), where this group of student-volunteers acted as an instructor in a workshop called ‘Build a Railway-connected Community’.

Thanks to Dr. Clifford Choy from the School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, our students could participate in a training session last Monday (25 Oct 2021) to learn the necessary technical skills for the workshop open to the public yesterday. This hands-on workshop was well-received with encouraging feedback from members of the public.

This worthwhile event was co-facilitated by the ECA Department and Aesthetic Society, with an aim to develop students’ sense of belonging towards the Hong Kong community by assisting members of the general public in envisioning an ideal image of a railway-linked community through modelling.

We hope our students can continue to have a role to play in this kind of volunteering event in future and learn more about the spirit of community service under the new normal.

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