S4 Leadership Talk

The S4 Leadership Talk was successfully hosted last Friday (3rd September, 2021).

With a minimalistic presentation on leadership led by Nathan Poon (6B) and Lee Hou (6B), the S4 students were enlightened on the formidable challenges of assuming leadership roles – promoting innovation, intelligent management and to foster a fruitful, inspiring school life. One needs only to look towards the Graduation Ceremony, the online Green and White Day and Recruitment Week to see how leadership roles have caused these events to transcend beyond what they initially entailed – bringing to light the Josephian Spirit and the strong sense of belonging shared by Josephians.

Followed shortly after was a heartfelt sharing by Jack Chan (6F), on his journey towards excavating passions and convictions from his school life, and how he pushed himself to discover his unique identity – from hosting the Prefect Training Camp in school to participating in the LIVE L.E.A.D. virtual forum and pioneering the Compassion Express, hoping that he could share his convictions, promoting creativity and compassion – fitting, as he was once the head prefect of the school.

We thank the three speakers for their efforts to inspire a new generation of Josephians, and hope that Josephians will be encouraged to become leaders and trailblazers of excellence!

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