Happy Birthday SJC!

Dear All,

Our school is celebrating our 145th Anniversary this year. Although the pandemic has led to the cancellation of major events celebrating this spectacle, our Josephian spirit has always tied us altogether through these periods in our 145-year history.

To commemorate this special year, the Editorial Board is giving you the chance to be part of this celebration, regardless of the pandemic. Our Green and White magazine has always been a celebration, capturing and documenting the Josephian story throughout the years and this year its no different, but with a twist; you now have the chance to be an editor of the Editorial board to!

We would like to invite you to share your stories about St. Joseph’s college and Happy Birthday wishes in our magazine. Whether you are a student currently studying, an old boy, a parent or a teacher, we look forward to celebrating this 145-year legacy together, wherever we may be.

You may submit your wishes and stories using the form below. You are welcome to attach photos as well!


The celebration hasn’t ended, it has just begun! Forward, nor Flinch, nor Fear!

Should you have any enquiries, feel free to message Hossain Fahim at 51482315 or by email via s2015051@sjc.edu.hk.

Yours in Green and White,

Hossain Fahim and his team
145th St. Joseph’s College Editorial Board