The COVID-19 outbreak has brought distress, isolation and insecurity to all the elderly staying in nursing homes. As a group of community service enthusiasts, we firmly believe that we can do something to support them. This is the backdrop against which our “Compassion Express” project is organised. 

In partnership with several local elderly nursing homes, this project aims at encouraging our teachers and schoolmates to show love to these seniors and to cheer them up at this particularly difficult moment with a handwritten card. 

If you would like to get involved in this project, you can draw a card and sign it “來自聖若瑟書院的學生”. Do not forget to take a picture of your card before filling out the Google Form: (accessible via the QR code below). After your submission, we will send you the address of an elderly nursing home and you can mail your letter right away. Please be reminded not to leave your address, phone number or anything else that can identify yourself and you also should not send any gifts together with your card. 

You can be creative, lighthearted and encouraging when creating this card. We hope to have you on board with us in this worthwhile “Compassion Express” project.

Please take a look at the guidelines for detailed instructions.