145th Green and White Writing Competition

Dear Josephians,

School gives us a sense of belonging. We go to school five days a week. We learn, we have fun and enjoy our time together. The reason we love what we are doing is that everyone within the community tries hard to construct an understandable environment, where our opinions are not restricted to say the least. 

So, in this competition we hope that you can express your school experience and hone your potential in writing. Under the various themes, write whatever that is in your mind about our school, the people or the snapshots in your school life without word limit. To enter the competition, please fill in the Google Form (QR code or the link below) or send your writing to sjc145edboard@gmail.com on or before 15th June 2020 . Your submission may be in English or Chinese. Submissions may be featured in the Gazette or the 145 Green and White Magazine. 

Link to Google Form:



An instance of coming home. St. Joseph’s College is a closely knit community of students, teachers, old boys and parents. In your time at St. Joseph’s, what has been behind this special bond? 

Kennedy Road
Over the years, we have made many memories on Kennedy road, from various events, challenges and activities. Out of these memories, what was the most memorable and why?

145 Year Legacy
This year is our 145th anniversary. What is the very tradition that you would like to pass on for another 145 years?

Personal Resonance 
Write a poem to describe your SJC journey. 

Open-ended Contribution

There is no restriction on textypes, i.e you may write essays, short stories, memoirs, poems etc. 

Word count: 

S1-S3 : no less than 250 words
S4-S6 : no less than 400 words

S1-S3 : no less than 250 characters
S4-S6 : no less than 400 characters

There is no word limit on poems, or other short forms of work.

Submission deadline: June 15th, 2020

Should you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to reply to this email or contact the Hossain Fahim at 51482315.

We look forward to reading your masterpieces!

Kind regards,
Editorial Board