ICT Literacy Competition for S1-S3 (Open)

The Computer Society had organised an ONLINE ICT literacy test for Secondary 1 to 3 students! Details are as follows:

Date of Competition: 12/4 – 18/4 23:59

Link to quiz: https://forms.gle/DX81CZNN6h3TcEVeA


  1. This paper is divided into 3 sections (Beginner, intermediate, difficult).
  2. This paper contains 66 marks. Each MC question contains 3 marks.
  3. You may attempt the paper once.
  4. Log in with your sjchk.edu.hk account in order to continue.
  5. Attempt all questions.
  6. You may search for answers if you encounter any questions you do not know.
  7. The top 3 participants with the highest scores would be awarded exclusive USB drives.