Science Literacy Competition for Senior Secondary: Biology (Closed)

The Biology and Conservancy Association is organizing the Science Literacy Competition (Biology), so as to provide you with an exciting challenge on your way to learning science.

Contrary to common belief, biology is not a literature-related subjects. Although DSE Biology requires answers to be presented in certain structures, this is never the emphasis of biology. Biology, as a science subject, focuses on scientific evidence, logical reasoning and detailed observations just as any other science subjects do. Therefore, the following quiz would give you a glimpse on the complicated yet fascinating world of biology. Let alone the mundane answering patterns, all questions are either true and false or multiple choices.

Details of the competition are as follows:

Competition period: 23rd – 28th March

Results announcement: 30th March 16:00

How to join: Complete the paper (link 1) and submit your answers through Google Forms (link 2) within the competition period. You are allowed to look for information that helps you with the paper, just like an open-book exam.

Link 1 (Paper):

Link 2 (Google Forms):

Winners of the competition (Top 5 from each form) will receive a certificate and 100mL of WHO formulation hand sanitizer. Good luck!