Student of the Year Award

In Student of the Year 2018, our school has achieved outstanding results.

Having gone through rounds of intense selection, from application, to day camps at Outward Bound, and finally to vigorous questioning from a panel of expert judges, our students have proven themselves to be the pioneers of society.

Siu Chak Hang George from 6E has won “Best Devotion to School”, in recognition of the revolutionary reforms he has brought to the school teams that he is involved in.

Chan Benjamin from 5F won “Linguist (English)” in light of his selfless efforts in nurturing the next generation’s linguistic talents and his excellent achievements in the field of language.

Yang Muhua from 5A has won 2nd runner-up in “Scientist and Mathematician”. His contributions to science and mathematics deserves him this noble honor.

Benjamin Luo from 5F is also one of the finalists for “Linguist (Cantonese)”. He will be the pillar of the development of Cantonese in the future.
Let us celebrate their remarkable awards!

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