Christmas is a time for giving.  To cultivate in Josephians their volunteer spirit and their empathy for others, the Christian Union organized on 20th December, 2018 the Advent Mass & Christmas Party in Little Sisters of the Poor St Mary’s Home for the Aged, where they shared the Christmas joy with the old people.   Bro Alphonsus, ten teachers, 23 S1 and 14 S2-5 students and about 60 elderly people participated in the event.   At 9:30a.m. the mass was celebrated by Fr Timothy Wan, who emphasized the significance of serving God through serving the needy.  At 10:15a.m. the party started with the cutting of four smoked turkeys. The elderly enjoyed the juicy and tender meat and some even asked for a second helping.  While the boys were busy attending to the seniors, the teachers also entertained the guests with their fantastic performance of English, Cantonese and Mandarin oldies.    The 45-minute performance ended with the boys singing Christmas carols. There was then a lucky draw and the distribution of Christmas cards and egg rolls to all elderly participants before they, high-spirited, retreated into the dining hall at 11:25a.m.  The whole party finished at 12:20p.m. after refreshments, clean-up, distribution of party bags and group-photo-taking.    The event was a huge success.