Students’ Union Junior Committee Training Camp

The Junior Committee Training Camp has successfully come to an end.

During the 3-day adventure in Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village, the junior committee members endeavoured to complete activities and tasks assigned by the Senior Committee and Executive Committee members.

Those tasks featured the renowned Detective Game, where the Junior Committee members acted as detectives to solve an array of associated cases in a given context. Another highlight was life monopoly, where the Junior Committee members excitedly played a life simulation game, and collected money through completing tasks in various challenging checkpoints. There was also a touching campfire session, in which the Junior Committee members, the Senior Committee members and the Executive Committee members all sang campfire songs, shared their thoughts and opinions about the camp, and expectations for the future of the Students’ Union.

Besides enhancing their understanding of the Students’ Union, the Junior Committee members also learnt to be persistent in their effort and the importance of emphasizing team interest over personal desire, and most importantly, carrying the Josephian Spirit to support the school even in the darkest of times.

This is the first event which the entirety of the Students’ Union took part in. As we embark on the journey of various upcoming events as committee of the 143rd Students’ Union, we anticipate more challenges to be encountered and memories to be captured.

S5D Kelvin Chau

Internal Secretary

143rd Students’ Union