International Biology Olympiad 2020

A few of our S5 students participated in the International Biology Olympiad – Hong Kong Contest (IBO-HKC) 2020 (co-organised by the Education Bureau and the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (HKAGE)) and got satisfactory results.

Our school was awarded: Honourable Mention for School

while below is the list of our boys getting awards:


5F 17 LI HO CHARLES Honourable Mention

5E 17 MACH KA WING IVAN Honourable Mention

Chiu Chun Hei got a Silver award, meaning that he is eligible for the 2nd round of the contest and will be receiving trainings for International Biology Olympiad 2021 (Phase I), and will be invited to apply for HKAGE student membership through the “Nurturing the Gifted Scheme” after obtaining a completion grade in the phase I training.