Visit to the SPCA

The Value Education and Academic Promotion Team (VEAPT) conducted a visit to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) on February 28 (Wednesday). During the visit, participants seized the treasured opportunity to wander around the temporary homes of unwanted and injured animals. Throughout the visit, students better understood the objectives and daily operations of the SPCA, such as rescuing vulnerable animals and providing them with a stable shelter until they are adopted. Additionally, there was also a talk prepared by the speaker to briefly explain the drawbacks of abandoning animals and the mindset to assist those animals, thus raising students’ social awareness and enhancing their sense of contribution to society.

We genuinely hope that students boost their knowledge about the worsened condition of suffering animals. Most importantly, they should demonstrate their care and love to different animals which are in need through real-life actions and support. We would also like to thank the VEAPT for organizing such a meaningful activity, as well as the SPCA for providing an occasion for us to broaden our horizons and gain insights. 💫