149th Green and White Day

We are pleased that the 149th Anniversary Green and White Day was smoothly held on the 28th of January, 2024 (Sunday). 💚🤍 The Open Day officially kicked off with an opening ceremony. It also marked the commencement of the Second Phase of the Vision 22 Project- the construction of the Learning Hub. During the day, plenty of clubs exhibited their fascinating booths and demonstrated their club’s uniqueness. We assured that outsiders gained lots of insights about our school’s wide range of ECAs and our students’ accomplishments over the past years. They also enjoyed the mini-games, activities, as well as the catering.

Many students showcased their musical talents by partaking in the choir, different music bands and solo performances, which have inspired many of us. In the afternoon session, there was a remarkable Internal Talent Quest (ITQ) semi-final. This was certainly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Josephians to unleash their full potential in such an exhilarating circumstance! The performances were undeniably astonishing! ✨

On the stage, there were also programmes for teachers’ interaction, principal sharing, teachers’ performances, and eventually, the cheering session which signified Josephians’ enthusiasm. The highlight was surely the guests’ performance part, which was performed by the Heep Yunn School Dance Team, the CIO Dance Team, and Meraki, a pop band from Good Hope School. Furthermore, the annual Open Day was an amazing platform for old boys to reunite with one another, thereby creating a chance for them to recall their valuable time in SJC. 😎

On behalf of the ECAC, we express our deepest gratitude to every club for its devotion to the Open day, especially the Students’ Union, who were determined to enable the event to be successful. Apart from the SU, we have witnessed all students’ perseverance in preparing for the massive day. 👏 Besides, we also appreciate the Josephian spirit we possess, and we take this precious opportunity to thank every part of the school for making this a fruitful day. 👊 Keep this hard work up, strive for the best again next year, Josephians!