List of Clubs

Students’ Union⁠⁠⁠⁠

Students’ Union



Ms. Young Maria (TIC),
Mr. Ng Anthony,
Ms. Ting Loretta,
Mr. Tsang Heskey,
Mr. Yim Jeffrey

Prefect Board

Prefects’ BoardMs. Tsui (TIC)

Academic Group

Biology & Conservancy AssociationMs. Chan Sze Mei (TIC),
Ms. Chan Chloe,
Ms. Mak Janice
Chinese Cultural SocietyMr. Siu KC (TIC),
Ms. To CY,
Ms. Chan Peggy,
Mr. Chen Sylvia,
Ms. Cheung TY,
Mr. Hung WW,
Ms. Li Dawn,
Ms. Lo Jacky,
Ms. Sin Lily,
Ms. Siu Yin Tung,
Ms. Suen Rani,
Mr. Szeto Wing,
Ms. Tai Alice,
Ms. Tsui PS,
Ms. Wong Esther,
Ms. Yam PY,
Mr. Yeung Benny,
Mr. Yeung CM
English SocietyMs. Yam Christine(TIC),
Mr. Wong Terrence,
Ms. Chan Bethany,
Ms. Fok Jasmine,
Mr. Kam Ryan,
Ms. Lin Cherry,
Ms. Lo Amy,
Ms. Pang Windsor,
Ms. Ting Loretta,
Ms. Karina Calver,
Mr. Tsang Heskey,
Ms. Wong Cherryl,
Mr. Wong Marc
French ClubMs. Fok Jasmine (TIC),
Ms. Ku Jasmine
Geography SocietyMs. Kwan Susanna (TIC)
Liberal Studies & Integrated Humanities SocietyMr. Ng Anthony (TIC),
Ms. Chau Dawn,
Ms. Wong Wendy,
Ms. Yeung Rani,
Ms. Young Maria
Math SocietyMr. Ng YK (TIC),
Mr. Cheng Steven,
Ms. Ku Jasmine,
Mr. Lee James
Mr. Wong Joseph
Putonghua ClubMs. Suen Rani (TIC),
Ms. Chen Sylvia,
Ms. Wong Esther,
Ms. Yam PY
Science SocietyMr. Chung Berton,(TIC),
Ms. Chan Chloe,
Mr. Chan Tony,
Ms. Mak Janice,
Mr. Szeto Godwin
Tourism & Hospitality Studies SocietyMs. Young Maria (TIC)

Interest Group

Aesthetic SocietyMs. Ip WL (TIC)
Astronomy SocietyMr. Chung YL (TIC),
Ms. Ho Shirley,
Mr. Tam KK
Aviation SocietyMs. Ho Shirley (TIC),
Mr. Chung Berton
Board Game ClubMs. To CY (TIC),
Camera ClubMr. Chung Berton(TIC),
Mr. Man Raymond
Campus TVMr. Chan Alfred(TIC),
Mr. Chan Leo
Chess ClubMr. Ng Anthony (TIC),
Ms. Wong Wendy
Computer SocietyMr. Tse CK (TIC),
Ms. Chu ML,
Mr. Ip KK
Drama ClubMr. Chan Leo (TIC),
Mr. Lee James
E Sports ClubMr. Ip KK (TIC),
History SocietyMs. Yam PY (TIC)
Library SocietyMs. Tai Alice (TIC)
Music SocietyMr. Cheng Chris (TIC)

Religious Group

Christian UnionMs. Lo Amy (TIC),
Ms. Chan Christina,
Ms. Kwan Susanna,
Mr. Lo Christopher,
Mr. Wong Terrence,
Ms. Ting Loretta

Service Group

1st Hong Kong Scout Group

1st Hong Kong Group Venture Scout Unit

Mr. Chung YL (TIC),
Mr. Yeung CM
Mr. Yim Jeffrey
Interact ClubMr. Hung WW (TIC),
Ms. Lin Cherry,
Ms. Wong Esther,
Mr. Wong Marc,
Ms. Wong Wendy
Junior Police CallMr. Hung WW (TIC),
Ms. Chen Sylvia
Red CrossMr. Yeung Benny (TIC),
Mr. Kwok TM
Mr. Man Raymond,
Ms. Shum Jessie
Social Service GroupMs. Yeung Rani (TIC),
Ms. Ho Shirley,
Mr. Lee James,
Mr. Wong Joseph
St. John AmbulanceMr. Chow SK (TIC),
Mr. Hung Steve,
Mr. Law Henry
UNICEF ClubMs. Lo Jacky (TIC),
Ms. Mok Sandy

Sports Group

Aquatic Club (Lifesaving, Swimming, Triathlon & Water Polo)Mr. Chu LY (TIC)
Athletic ClubMr. Poon KF (TIC),
Mr. Wong MT
Badminton ClubMr. Tsang Heskey (TIC),
Mr. Chu LY,
Mr. Ip KK,
Mr. Tam KK
Basketball ClubMr. Chow SK (TIC),
Mr. Yeung Benny
Bowling TeamMr. Wong Marc(TIC)
Football ClubMr. Wong MT (TIC),
Mr. Chow SK,
Mr. Poon KF
Handball ClubMr. Chu LY (TIC)
Rugby TeamMr. Poon KF (TIC)
Table Tennis ClubMr. Cheng Steven (TIC),
Mr. Chu LY
Tennis TeamMr. Chu LY (TIC),
Mr. Cheng Steven
Volleyball SocietyMr. Wong MT (TIC)


Editorial BoardMs. Wong Cherryl (TIC),
Ms. Chan Bethany,
Mr. Cheng Chris,
Mr. Kam Ryan,
Ms. Sin Lily,
Ms. Karina Calver,
Ms. Yam Christine,
Ms. Yam PY
Web Publishing and IT Support TeamMr. Ip K.K. (TIC),
Mr. Cheng Steven