2017-18 Inter-school Swimming Competition (Division 1)

Boys A Grade: Champion
Boys B Grade: Third
Boys C Grade: Champion
Boys Overall: Second

“For years, Josephians have striven hard to take the glory back to Kennedy Road. For years, Josephians have fought valiantly for the moment of predominance.

This year, Josephians have demonstrated to all outsiders our Josephian Spirit, the cloudburst never stopped. We captured both the C Grade and A Grade CHAMPIONS and attaining the Overall First Runner-up in the Inter-school Swimming Competition 2017. It was our first time in this quarter of century to win 2 Grade Champions at the same time. We, have made our comeback.

Josephians remain united as it has always been, and we will continue to keep the Green Flag flying high.

The next challenge awaits.

Josephians, are you ready?”

– 5E Clinton Lo, 143rd Students’ Union President